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  1. Great episode and some solid advice here. I was a tech for nearly twenty years and a specific training path, as well as training days, definitely contribute to the happiness factor. For all of my career, and life for that matter, there has been a tech shortage. Many factors for this such as old reputations about the automotive industry that refuse to die. There are also other factors that heavily influence this shortage of new techs and the unhappiness of existing techs. The flat rate system is one such factor, as well as the large amount of financial investment in tools required to even be able to begin the career. Good technicians spend enormous amounts of time and money to become top notch, but then suffer for all of that time and expense by being paid less for warranty work and maintenance work. It is one of the few professions where becoming good at your job and be detrimental. That being said, it is a wonderful career and a much needed one. I would love to see technicians become more respected for their high level of skill and hard work. Without them, we are no longer a nation on wheels.

    Mr. Cowan is spot on about the walk-around. Such a simple tool, but a very effective one!

    Thank you CBT for all the work you put into your programs.

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