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Kuni Chief Operating Officer Joseph C. Herman passes away


The local automotive industry became a little smaller this week following the announcement of the passing of Joseph C. Herman, chief operating officer of Kuni Automotive Group. According to a press release, Herman died on the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 29, following a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer. Born on …

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What to expect from the top holiday campaigns this year


Marketers around the world divulged their winter holiday plans and we’re sharing them with you. Discover how many marketers will run campaigns specific to their best customers and how they will determine who their best customers are during the holiday. Find out the number of marketers planning to run cross-channel …

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How can you capture more leads over the phone?


4 tips to make your dealership even more profitable and efficient. Let’s be honest; the average car buyer isn’t going to make a purchase over the phone. Before they buy, they need to grip the steering wheel, smell that new car smell and go for a spin. As a result, …

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