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Drive Customer Retention to your dealership

Customer Retention

Drive Customer Retention to your dealership By Ryan Williams  that many dealers point to as a winner – a prepaid maintenance plan, commonly referred to as a PPM. As its name suggests, this retention tool leverages prepaid or discounted essential maintenance services that a dealer gives to buyers or sells at …

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Even Marketing in a Dealerships

Even Marketing in Dealerships

Even Marketing in a dealerships Even Marketing in When running a dealership it’s hard to have your marketing in departments even. Majority of dealerships will focus majority of their funds on advertising material for their dealership instead of their service department.  Mike Shum who is the general manager at Toyota …

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5 Things you can do to improve your buisness

Improve your buisness

 5 Things you can do to improve your business Everyone always has multiple ways that you can improve your business. Starting and growing a business takes time with most small businesses having to survive for 3 to 5 years before seeing a profit. The average user checks their smart phone …

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